Welcome to Purple Sage, Texas
April 23, 2017
Purple Sage

Her Final Work!

Traditional Indian garb

" with beads."

New Series!


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In honor of Barbara Barbara Burnett Smith donations may be made to the following, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. There are 3 ways to give. Your donations are appreciated and welcomed.

1) Call the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition at 1-888-OVARIAN;

2) Log onto www.ovarian.org and go to the donations link. There you will find a "Make a Donation" button that takes you to a very easy form to fill out and a donation can be made on-line. or

3) A donation can be mailed to NOCC at 500 NE Spanish River Blvd, Suite 8, Boca Raton, FL 33431. It is most helpful to send in the on-line form with the mail in donation.

The Purple Sage Mystery Collection:

Writers of the Purple Sage Cover Dust Devils of the Purple Sage Cover Mistletoe From Purple Sage Paperback Cover Celebration in Purple Sage Cover Skeletons in Purple Sage Cover

Skeletons in Purple Sage

The Fifth Book in the Purple Sage Series!

Skeletons in Purple Sage
Hardback Edition

Skeletons in Purple Sage
New Paperback Edition

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Purple Sage






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